Organiser’s Event Disclaimer

1 I agree that I will abide by the rules and regulations set out by the Organiser’s

2 I understand that I will be participating in this event at my own risk and that no responsibility whatsoever will be attached to the organizer HYMB in the event of any accident, loss or damaged suffered or by reason of the event, however such may be caused.

3 I agree to any photographs of myself to be used for future publicity for these events.

4 I have no medical illness, injuries or conditions that will affect my participation in the event, and I will not participate unless deemed healthy to do so.

Covid 19 SPECFIC

5 I am not displaying any symptoms of Covid 19.

6 I have not in the last 14 days come into contact with anybody displaying symptoms of Covid 19.

7 I agree to abide by all social distancing measures that are in place.

8 I have read and understood the above declaration.

Plan to how it will work.

  1. we will be opening for some adult only kayaking and Stand up paddle board sessions on 23 June and then after will be every Tuesday and Thursday.

2.There will be two sessions per day. 3.00.- 5.00 and 6.00-8.00 with a maximum of 20 per session.

  1. All bookings will be done online There will be no payments or turn up on the day and strictly no cash.
  2. The booking system will close at 2.30 on the day of the session.

5 These sessions are for paddlers with some experience for example One-star kayak or a Ready to ride certificate. (If unsure please email center).

5A There will be no open canoeing at this time.

  1. These are not coached sessions and you will be responsible for your own safety.
  2. Strict social distancing measures will be in place, including no changing rooms or showers. Two large tents will be up as bad weather changing rooms (ROOM ENOUGH TO SOCIAL DISTANCE).

7A there will be toilets with sterilizer available.

  1. There will be set get on and off points.
  2. Car parking will be to the rear car park.
  3. You will need to turn up ready to book in under the balcony. Social distancing and safety screen in place.
  4. Borrowing Kit – You will be issued with your kit from set areas. This will have already been cleaned.

12 You will be shown where to get on and off of the water. If you are borrowing kit this will be in the harbor.

13 If you are using your own Kayak or Paddle board. You will still need to register once you have arrived. You will then be asked to get on and off at the canoe Jetty. You will then need to report back to say that you are off the water.

13A If you are using your own boat please make sure that it is clean and dry before bringing it to the center.

14 At the end of the session if you are borrowing kit you will be asked to place it into a set area. This is so it can be cleaned and stored for 48 hours.

15 Please do not hang around at the end of the session.